Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You know, the only reason I would think that Stormbringer is lying in his most recent post...

     ...Is because I don't think he's that old. I am familiar with vinyl records and can tell the difference between a 45 and a 33 by sight. (I've never seen a 78 or a 12.) I expect the reason he doesn't give an example of issues with 8-tracks is because he doesn't know what those issues are. They could only be played sequentially, although you could change track. If you missed the song you wanted to hear, you had to wait for it to come back around. There was no rewind. And fast-forward was only a feature of the recorders.
     Ooh, I also like how he gets the drawback of CDs wrong. The CD audio format has not changed. It always had higher fidelity than the vinyl records or cassette tapes. But the typical consumer couldn't record his own CDs. (CD-Rs were a ways off yet.) Let's face it. The typical commercial CD has one or two songs that you want to listen to and a lot of songs that you don't. When you bought a single, you only got one song that you didn't necessarily want. That was the flip side. (Okay, trivia question, what was the flip side to "In the Year 2525"? Come on, Stormbringer, if you are as you say you are, you should know this. Now, admittedly, there are many songs that I could not name the flip side to. But that one stands out. And it was released with only the one flip side. I would not, for example, expect anyone to remember that "At the Movies" was the flipside to "Popcorn.")
     I am somewhat resistant to new technology. For example, I still prefer a good command line interface to a graphical user interface. (Don't worry, Stormbringer. I don't expect you to know what a command line interface is.) I think this is probably due to the fact that I like to have control. New technologies are normally set up so that you can only do exactly what the big-business makers want you to do.

UPDATE: Hmm... According to Wiki that other speed was 16 rather than 12. I remember the player setting reading 12. Oh, well, I never used that setting (or even that player very often) I could be remembering the number wrong.

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