Monday, November 15, 2010

Does anyone think that the OpenID account "nickyandolini" is NOT a Stormbringer sock-puppet?

     I'm not talking about the ultimate website that the fellow who wants to be called "Pubes" pretends is the author of the account. He can Use OpenID to link the account with any web page he wants. He could even pretend our president, Obama, was agreeing with everything he said. That wouldn't really fool anyone. But I don't think he's fooling anyone other than himself now. (And, given his penchant for projection, I am inclined to think that he is on drugs. I can't prove it. I could be wrong. But he does tend to accuse me of his own behavior.) Oh, and Stormbringer, any other names you want to be called, just have "Nicky" attribute them to me.

     On to his most recent blogpost. Everybody able to find it without a fresh link? Good. I figure people should be able to find it; I've given him plenty of links.
     "A pathological liar hammered you again, and he should be honest."
     Fortunately, there are ways that help identify such pathological liars. Someone who says that you don't need to check for yourself (you know, like Stormbringer says he'll tell you all you need to know about what I say) has a good chance of lying on a regular basis.
     "If you dispense information, give accurate quotes and complete information instead of writing something inaccurate because you hate someone or are simply careless. When people find out the truth, you become unreliable. Nobody likes liars except other liars, and what good are they?"
     This explains why Stormbringer has never supplied a link to, and actively discourages people from checking, my blog. He apparently wants to delay the when-people-find-out-the-truth part. On the other hand, while I critize him frequently, I have provided many links to what he has said. When people check, they will find that I have represented him accurately.
     "I will tell you with out reservation and with full confidence who can be trusted to be faithful and reliable: God (Deut. 7.9). That's right, I said it! God, as revealed through Jesus Christ (John 1.8) and described in the [b]ible (Acts 1.3 NASB). I have examined the evidences for the validity of the [b]ible, and I would testify to its reliability, even to the cost of my life. But you do not know me, there is no reason to simply take my word for it."
     I have seen enough of this guy that, were he to declare grass to be green, I would heve to double-check. I mean, sometimes he's honest. But his track record is not good. At any rate, I have yet to see any evidence that the biblical god is reliable -- or even exists. If he's out there, he's hiding.

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