Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Stormbringer vx. Stormbringer

     "Stifle freedom of speech
     "Shut down discussion
     "Distract your opponent
     "Bolster your own already bloated ego
     "Control the people through fear of being labeled something unpleasant"
     "SHUT UP about Bush!" Well, there's some stifling of free speech. I haven't mentioned Bush by name since (I believe) the time he left office. Of course his policy supporters are still there. Bush is only a face to attach to the policies. And people see it as more personal. I see no reason to believe that the reported actions of Bush in office were fabricated. And these actions seem to have the full support of the "Tea Party" members.
     "partisan pinheads," "country club Republicans," "RINOs," "Obummer," "El Presidente" -- Yeah, I'd say that Stormbringer relies heavily on using labels in an effort to control people.
     Shutting down discussion is achieved in the way Stormbringer deletes comments that he doesn't like. As for distracting his opponent and bolstering his already bloated ego, I invite people to inspect his blog. The evidence of that is more the continued trends of his posts rather than any one quote.

     "Since people are dishonest, lazy and downright stupid, I'll prove it (even though I'll be accused of making up these posts and back-dating them). Yes, my Republican complaints are in there:"
     I really don't know if he edited his posts or not. The term "Republican in name only" has been around that long; and it is used for those Republicans that actually think for themselves rather than following the party's dictates like mindless drones. On the other hand, he generally doesn't seem to think about those Republican who occasionally stray from the dictates of the party's leaders. So, he might have edited them after the fact. Whether he did or not, it looks like an afterthought. (Incidentally, Stormbringer, you forgot to add your "Republican complaint" to "second" and "third." You might want to go back and fix that. And concerns about complacency in Republican voters, "fourth," are quite consistent with only caring about that "R" getting in.) But, no, he didn't back-date the posts. The posts were anti-Democrat rants. He may, or may not, have added the parts about "RINOs" in the past few days for the purpose of "proving" that it wasn't "just" Democrats he was going after. The reader will have to make that determination for himself.

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