Sunday, November 14, 2010

PZ Myers and Ray Comfort

     PZ Myers (or maybe someone impersonating hem; I can't be sure) spends a great deal of time criticizing, ridiculing, and mocking Ray Comfort. He does not allow Ray to speak on his own behalf because, supposedly, he doesn't want to give Ray a platform. This, of course, is inappropriate. I am opposed, on principle, to the concept of "filtering the opposition." And I have to wonder. Does he really think that Ray would be convincing? I've seen Ray's blog. He doesn't convince anyone. (Note: you have not been convinced if you came in agreeing with what he is trying to conclude.) Seriously, all you do if you present him in a way that you desire without letting your audience hear what your opponent has to say in the way he wants to present it is validate the claim that you are suppressing him. It's a tactic I expect of evangelical christians. Their position has nothing going for it. But I expect better from those who pursue truth.

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