Thursday, March 18, 2010

Somebody actually posted this.

     If you were on the beach and saw a trail of footprints behind you, would you say that Jesus carried you all that way, that you walked all that way yourself, or that the footprints were set by random people that have no connection to you?
     Any reasonable person would say that they just walked across the beach. That is how fossils work, an unbroken line of footprints showing the process of evolution to anyone willing to see.

     Now, one thing that fossils most decidedly do not do is create an unbroken line. A better analogy might be trying to construct the trail of a herd of animals that travelled over largely stony ground, but in which there was enough exposed mud for the occassional partial footprint, and trying to make identifications.
     It is quite clear that there are people who believe in evolution that do so uncritically. This is where we get such "potential falsifiers" as the "precambrian rabbit." People know that a scientific theory is supposed to be falsifiable. But when someone who believes in evolution uncritically tries to come up with one, he can only come up with something he thinks can't happen. After all, he think that falsity of evolution cannot happen. But it generally results in a "falsifier" that people will agree can't happen even if evolution is false. If you come up with dogs giving birth to cats as a "potential falsifier," your belief is uncritical.