Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Stormbringer filter

     Stormbringer is claiming to have been slandered on some blog. Of course, there is no way to verify the claim independently. He doesn't provide a link, or even say what the alleged slander was. Personally, I don't trust the Stormbringer filter. Stormbringer lies. But then, anytime someone deliberately withholds a verification, it looks suspicious. Now, there can be legitimate reasons. Sometimes someone's information comes only through personal experience and no independent verification can be provided. It is certainly difficult to provide independent verification of one's personal beliefs. Sometimes, a particular fact is remembered but the source is forgotten -- that would make it difficult to provide a source. And sometimes people just forget. But, if you read his blog, you will find that it is a pattern of behavior. If people were allowed to check for themselves, they might come to conclusions that didn't match the illusion that he wants to present to puff up his already bloated ego.
     Stormbringer keeps a tight control on his blog. He clearly wants to make certain that his readers do not see anything that is not supported by the Stormbringer filter. When he lies about people, the last thing he needs is for his readers to do their own investigations. There is a reason why he won't let anyone know what blog to which he allegedly refers. He can say anything he likes when no one check his claims. He can invent attackers out of thin air.
     A similar reasoning drives the fact that I provide links. I don't require that anyone take my word for it. I know that I'm telling the truth, so I don't need to hide the evidence around the subjects of my posts. After all, what kind of person would I be if, when someone asked to confirmation of one of my claims, I told him to "do your own searching"?


Whateverman said...

I'm pretty sure SB is referring the Froggie's comments on Dan's blog (who attracts atheists particularly adept at debunking him).

Pvblivs said...

     It doesn't fit the claims of his supposedly telling the "atheist" to look at his blog because he had recently posted something that "disproved" the claims or that the "atheist" supposedly said that his morality forbade him to inspect his writings. Maybe he has Froggie in mind. But I think the exchange is wholly invented.

Paul Baird said...


Although he's not posted anything to my blog.