Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just a little mild humor from him this time

     Yes, I am refering again to Stormbringer. Like the line in the cartoons "I like him, he silly." It's been a while; so I don't remember which cartoon. I think it was from Warner Brothers, though.
     "Have you ever hated anyone? I'll admit to it, but it's rare."
     Rare? Well, I'm not a mind-reader; but his actions are certainly consistent with wholesale hate. We are talking about inventing derogatory names, falsely attributing actions and telling people only to listen to his representation of targets. I do not ordinarily associate such activities with love. And he'll do that with anyone who disagrees with him. (Well, on the various blogs at any rate. I haven't seen him in his personal life. And, out of concern for my safety, I don't care to.)
     "It's a fascinating psychological study to watch the other person doing their hate thing."
     How would he know? I don't think he has that capacity to look objectively at his own actions.
     "Eventually, you feel like you know their thoughts and motives; wow, you understand the very soul of the object of your hate."
     Gee, I thought he said this was rare on his part. I've seen him claim to know the thoughts and motives of quite a few people. Strange that, according to him, they're all "filled with hate."

Stay funny, Stormbringer.

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