Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The other day, when I was grocery shopping.

     The other day, when I was grocery shopping, I heard several people wish one of the workers a happy birthday over the loudspeaker. Personally, I find my birthdays to be a lot happier when I have the day off.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Alex is saying that people like Sye, Dan, and Norman deserve nothing but ridicule.

     Well, it's true that that is what they deserve. But I still wouldn't recommend treating them that way. It's not for their sake. Anyone can ridicule opposing ideas [Norman's] Thunder does this all the time. Ridiculing a bad idea to reject it looks just the same as ridiculing a good idea to suppress it.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Can't you just feel the love? Me neither.

     I present to you an excerpt from one of Dan's comments.

     "I am only going to pray for [our] [g]od's [w]ill be done. At this point I think its clear as to how [our] [g]od decided where to place Alex to glorify [the alleged] [c]hrist for all of eternity. Praise the [l]ord."

     I should point out a few things. Dan is contradicting the bible that he claims to be his god's word. The bible claims that their god is "unwilling that any should perish." Dan is saying not only that his god wills people in advance to perish, but that he (Dan) actively wants it to happen. This also shows that Dan (despite his statements to the contrary) has no love for anyone. He just wants to do what he hopes will save his own skin. Dan, furthermore, clearly shows that he has no concern for ethics. I would really be frightened of what Dan might do if he thought he could get away with it -- or if he convinced himself that his god commanded it.
     It would be rather fitting, on the assumption that there is an afterlife, that Dan got to experience what he praying for Alex to experience. But I would still rather that Dan's eyes be opened instead.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sye wants Eric Hovind to be the sole moderator of any debates.

     Yes, that would be the same Eric Hovind that gave Sye admin priviledges on his blog. Personally, I don't that speaks well for his impartiality in any debate to which Sye is a party. Sye then goes on to say that Paul Baird had no problems with Hovind being the sole moderator. Well, I say let Paul speak for himself. Absent Paul weighing in, I am going to continue to think that Paul just tolerated Hovind so that Sye might stop putting up roadblocks. And I definitely don't trust Sye to speak on Paul's behalf.

Sye has said...

     Sye has said that you cannot test the precondition for accuracy for accuracy. With this much, I agree. If there is a precondition for accuracy, you can't test it for accuracy. But the bible, which he claims as such a precondition, can be tested. And it fails. The bible is inaccurate and cannot serve as a precondition for accuracy.
     I should also note that Sye found out that his tricks weren't working. His enormous ego does not allow him to admit failure. He therefore feigned boredom. But, in reality, he took his ball and went home.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Alex has asserted that Rhology is afraid to have his name revealed.

     I can see that. I, too, "hide" behind internet anonymity so that some of the crazier people don't look me up with a shotgun in hand. Some of these "defenders of Jesus" frighten me, not because I think they have any merit (they don't) but because I fear for my personal safety. Perhaps Rhology does as well.
     Now, what doesn't make sense about this is that Rhology claims he isn't afraid. I really don't see any alternate explanation for deleting comments for nothing more than containing his name.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sye has challenged Bob to a debate

     And Bob has accepted that challenge. At the moment, Sye seems to be trying to wiggle his way out of it. However, since Sye has issued the challenge, I think the debate should go on with or without him.

     Sye has made the following comment:

"You dodge and evade."

As is evidenced by the debates I have done :-)

Look, fact is that I am just an average guy, who was a skilled tradesman 3 1/2 years ago. By God's grace alone, I have been able to engage people and their worldviews have been exposed for the foolishness that they are.

I have nothing to fear when I enter these debates, as I pray that if I am to be made to look like a fool for His glory, then so be it, but as yet, God has spared me from that end.

God is sovereign. If these debates happen, great, if they don't, no big deal.

If you wish to think that I evade debates, fine, I could not care less. I think my record indicates otherwise.


     I will take the evidence on this debate which either he will or will not do. I am only interested in whether he has done this debate. That will be his record. And it will, indeed speak for itself.