Friday, November 12, 2010

For a while, I was afraid he was going to get boring.

     The official main topic of this post is not necessarily inane. After all, it is certainly possible that scientists are attempting to portray a pseudo-science as a true science and leave quotes that inadvertently serve as evidence of that. I've run afoul of the "united front" people by pointing that one out myself. How does Stormbringer seem to make sense when talking about it? Well, I guess even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then. But this post is not about what he says that makes sense. It is about what he says that I find funny.
     "Today, I want to prompt you to use some rational thought, and I'm going to use hyperbole do to it." [Emphasis mine]
     Hey, I don't want him to start advocating rational thought. That would sharply decrease my entertainment value. (Examines post.) Oh, okay, no problem, false alarm.
     "Are people stupid enough to think that all of these quotes are taken out of context or made up? There are many quotes, you see." [Emphasis in original]
     Considering that the quotes are often unattributed and unsourced, it would certainly be possible for all of them to be taken out of context or invented. I only know that is not the case because I have been able to find some originals. Honest people are not worried about people finding the original sources and drawing their own conclusion. But we're talking about evangelicals here, not honest people.
     "Second, they attack Creationists and proponents of Intelligent Design. I will focus on Creation Science this trip around. I'm going to ask you this: Do you really think that people who serve a holy and just [g]od, who has told us that lying is a violation of the [n]inth [c]ommandment, are going to lie to get you to believe in [g]od?" [Emphasis in original]
     Given the actions and commands attributed to this god, "holy" and "just" are not words that I would use in its description. The words "depraved" and "corrupt" are far more fitting. However, more importantly, I think the claim that "lying is a violation of god's law" is itself a deception to prevent oustiders from looking too closely -- sort of like "islam is a religion of peace." There may be adherents who believe it. But my experience is that evangelicals are willing to say or do anything to ensnare people into the trap that is christianity. For a rather blatent example, note how Ray Comfort uses the "good person test" ostensibly to "find out if the person is really a good person." He lies when he goes into the spiel because, as he tells his followers, he has already decided that no one is good. (No link is provided because I expect my readers, few as they are, to be quite familiar with the tactic.)
     "I had one guy here recently start out with the sneering and sarcasm, and I gave him sarcasm back. Then he was civil, and got civil — and detailed — responses."
     Nope, I don't believe it. I have never seen Stormbringer be civil with anyone who wasn't in complete agreement with him. Or perhaps he thinks dissent constitutes "sneering and sarcasm."
     "Now, getting back to how all [c]hristians are liars."
     Not all christians are liars. Of course, it does seem that all christians that try to win converts lie. But I attribute that to the fact that the truth is against christianity and so there is no way to win converts without lying. And it doesn't mean that they lie when they are not actively seeking converts. (I could talk about the posts in which I think Stormbringer is being honest. But that would be boring. And there are posts that I don't address because I don't find them funny.)

     Incidentally, I am familiar with projection. I see a vivid example every time Stormbringer talks about how his critics are "filled with hate." His varied other accusations may be similarly attributed. To Stormbringer I say "Keep trying to spread the 'word.' Your antics are quite amusing. I just don't want to meet you in person (unless you're in a padded cell and I am safely outside.)"

UPDATE: A reply to Stormbringer, who has expressed a desire to be called "Pubes"

     "if you can refrain from sneering and petty attacks, not only will you not receive in kind, your comments have a much better chance of being posted in the first place. Only two people have been banned from posting here: One for being not only perpetually snide, but also for being dull."
     No, Stormbringer, you blocked my posts even though I was civil. I can't speak to whether you find me dull. However, I will point out that your perpetual use of the claim "full of hate" is itself snide.
     Oh, and, for your information, I don't say that everything you say is a lie. I just tend to address the things you say which are.

     "But let's both ignore this guy forever, OK? I'll need your help on it; I suggest that you stop visiting, getting riled and telling me so I get irritated as well, capice?"
    Oh, but then you'll need to create a new OpenID account to report all the lies you want to say about me. After all, based on your stated standards you shouldn't be letting "his" posts through anyway.

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