Sunday, November 07, 2010

A common question from christians

     "Why don't you argue against UFO believers?"
     The answer is quite simple. People are not trying to get belief in UFOs enshrined into national law. People are trying to legislate christianity. I also don't see con men trying to use UFO belief to market their scams. Yes, I do see spoof merchandise. But the primary market for that is the set of people who laugh at UFO believers. I consider christianity dangerous because too many people want to use it to interfere with how I live my life.


Whateverman said...

The only religious group of people I've seen trying to change the way I can live my life are the Christians. I'd be up in arms just as much if I saw Muslims trying to institute Sharia (eg)

Paul Baird said...

I have criticised UFO a believer - John Fraser at Premier Christian Radio's Unbelievable forum.

He didn't like it.

I try not to discriminate when I criticise woo.

rhiggs said...


Does John Fraser actually believe he saw a UFO or does he just believe they might exist somewhere in the universe?

If it's the former then I would also be skeptical, but I wouldn't discount the *possibility* of the latter.