Monday, November 01, 2010

Stormbringer vs. Reality

     Our clown (gee, I hope I'm not offending Bozo the clown) has put up another post. Do I have to point out that he is screening his comments to avoid too much thinking among his readers?
     "When did the government at any level gain the right to tell people how to practice their religious beliefs? A single woman placed an advert in her church bulletin asking for a Christian roommate, and was slapped down by the Fair Housing Center of West Michigan. That means that this woman must not discriminate." [Emphasis in orginal]
     In essence, this woman advertised a living space for rent and said "non-christians need not apply." Those weren't her exact words; but that is the effect. Now, since I did point out that, given that she was lookiing for someone to live with her and share expenses, the situation may be out of scope of the intent of the fair housing laws. Even so, it is not religious discrimination to tell her she cannot discriminate on the basis of religion. Stormbringer is busy pretending that that part of my comment didn't exist.
     "How about when the leftists at Augusta State University told a Christian counseling student to 'change your beliefs or get out'?"
     He included a link to a press release from the group funding the attorney's for the student. I asked if he had a better source. Advocates in a litigation are not known for impartiality or fair descriptions of the facts. He edited his post to say: "To the lazy dolt that wants more proof that this happened, do your own searches." I'll take that as a "no." (I also pointed out that universities are generally privately owned and not government institutions.)
     "I have no patience for mindless sheep."
     It is my experience that he wishes to deal exclusively with mindless sheep. Looking for the "R" next to a candidate's name is just as mindless as looking for the "D."
     "Almost as bad is PBS, the governmental propaganda network (your tax dollars in action)."
     Right, any evidence that the government has been telling PBS what to say? The government does provide funding, as do individual contributors; but it doesn't seem to impose a requirement that PBS simply act as a government mouthpiece. On the other hand, Stormbringer might be upset that there is a station that doesn't have to bow to billion-dollar corporations.
     "Hey, you cry (lie) about 'voter intimidation' when a Burger King franchise owner suggests that there's a better chance for job security if people vote Republican instead of for tax and spend liberals."
     First off, it was a McDonald's. That's only important in that it shows that he didn't bother to read it. Now, I don't know about my readers, but I think "if you want to keep your job, you will vote the way I tell you" qualifies as voter intimidation. By the way, since I live in Arizona, my primary news soure is The Arizona Republican. Yes, I know they changed their name a while back. But I rather think their original name fits.

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