Saturday, November 20, 2010

More Presuppositional Baloney

     There is a fellow on Dan's blog who is claiming that loaded questions are reasonable (at least, as long as they are used to advance christianity.)
     "Indeed, of course its loaded. So?
     "Let the atheist answer it without [expletive] himself."
     Of course, the "standard" (int the sense that apparently just about everybody is familiar with it) loaded question is "Do you still beat your wife?" asked of a defendant who has, in fact, never beaten his wife; but is spuriously charged. Answering it straight is effectively to confess to a crime one did not commit.
     This is how I see evangelism in general. These people are fully aware that they have no evidence to support their religion. But they want to win converts (for whatever reason.) So they resort to playing word games. They construst verbal traps of varying degrees of subtlety. Or, more accurately (since I see the same traps over and over) someone, somewhere has contructed the traps and the rank-and-file evangelicals just repeat them to unsuspecting victims.

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Paul Baird said...

Excellent news now that Sye seems to be on sabbatical.