Sunday, April 18, 2010

A comment I made to Ray Comfort

     Well, Ray, I suspect that you do not believe christianity. I think that you regard it as a very profitable sham. I am, of course, open to the possibility that I am wrong; so I propose a test.
     If christianity is true, then the verbiage found in the Monty Python version holds and you will happily approve Bathtub's comment as written. After all, whatever caused the lifeforms we like to exist also caused the lifeforms we find hideous. This is what is known as a "two-way street."
     On the other hand, if you consider christianity to be a profitable scam, you will delete his comment, and will probably have done so already. If you refuse to print an attribution of "all things dull and ugly; all things short and squat; all things rude and nasty" to your deity, you don't believe. And if you don't believe, you can't possibly have "repented and trusted the saviour."

     I am reproducing this here because I expect that he will have all the intestinal fortitude necessary to his delete. I think what I have to say is meaningful and should be seen even if the intended recipient will not look.