Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ah, Stormbringer...

     He has altered his profile to make excuses for himself. It's not really surprising. But it is funny. The fact is that when reason and thought enter the fray, he hides under the bed (figuratively speaking, of course.) He already turns around and calls anything that he doesn't want to answer because it's too inconvenient for him "whining."
     On Ray Comfort's blog, the other day, I don't remember in which thread it was anymore, he was accusing someone of pretending to have god-like knowledge about people's motives and also made various slanders libels about people, including myself. I pointed out that the person in question didn't need god-like knowledge about motive as he had, in fact, provided a comprehensive list of possibilities. I also asked him by what oracle he claimed to have knowledge of people's personal lived. He really needs to throw that oracle away as it is catastrophically wrong.

UPDATE: So far, the only reason that anyone would think that s_lightning is a sock puppet of yours is because you brought it up, Stormbringer. A guilty conscience, perhaps?

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