Wednesday, November 03, 2010

My comments.

     "[L]eftists have different standards [than] [c]onservatives."
     I haven't seen any difference. Democrats and Republicans alike used mud-slinging and attack ads. I did not see a single ad by any candidates that discussed what policies they wanted to implement or what changes in law they thought would move the country forward. This is typical, actually. Politicians only like to talk about how bad they think the other guy is.
     "To me, the label of 'Republican' means that they are more likely to reflect the values of the majority of the people (and mine, too)."
     A majority of the people? According to the most recent Gallup Poll I could find on the subject, no ideology holds a majority. Self-identified conservatives constitute the largest block at 40% -- which is still a good deal shy of a majority. Incidentally, 22% of Democrats, and all those people Stormbringer likes to call "RINOs," self-identify as conservative. But very few people like the concept of their representives taking marching orders from headquarters and ignoring their constituants.
     Now, I watched the returns. And I know that some of the Republican winners think the voters wanted to give them a blank check to do whatever they want -- or to take marching orders from headquarters. Others realized, quite soberly, that the public wasn't so much voting for them as they were against the people they are currently blaming for the bad economy. We'll have to see which concept holds more in the minds of the representatives. If the Republicans decide they can go into a corner and decide what legislation will advance with no outside input, well, they've done that before. The people have no great love for either major party. The only thing that keeps these guys in office is the general fear that voting for an outsider will effectively be a discarded vote due to the plurality system.


     Stormbringer, who is too scared ever to allow a link to my actual words, lest his readers do some actual thinking, has provided a link that he thinks supports his assertion that a majority of Americans consider themselves conservative. And it would be plausible that it supported his contention -- if you only read the headline. On the other hand, if you read the text of the article, it gives the same 40% figure in the link I was able to find. "Gallup revealed that conservatives are the largest ideological group in America: 40% of us call ourselves conservative, 35% of us call ourselves moderates, and 21% of us call ourselves liberal."
     "Oh, and by the way, selective citing, especially when lifting a part of a sentence, is lying."
     That is only the case if the meaning is changed to give the impression that the original speaker said something he didn't intend. Is he stating that he does not believe and was not trying to claim that "leftists" have different standards than conservatives? I quoted the particular point that I wanted to address. I do not feel the need to quote his entire incoherent blog entry to address certain points found therein. But for those who may somehow think I misrepresented him, here is a link to his nonsense.
     "You know, if I retired right now, some people would have nothing to talk about, since they are mostly incapable of talking about anything other than lil' ol' me."
     This calls for an experiment. Let this guy retire and see if it results in people having nothing to talk about. Here's a hint. People can spend a great deal of time talking about a particular television program. But when it gets cancelled, they find something else. Now, I admit that I talk about this guy a lot. I do so because I find him very entertaining. But, you know something, I was running my blog before he came along. I will still be running my blog if he holds his breath until he turns blue or takes his ball and goes home. But for now, I like to talk about The Stupidity of Stormbringer.

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