Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hate mail and insults

     There is one fellow talking about the "hate mail" he says he receives. (I have seen no evidence of this. But he does seem to think that anyone who doesn't fall at his feet in worship is guilty of "hate." So, it's difficult to tell if he believes what he says.) He has copied a link to a "pick your insult" page. Quite frankly, I don't need it. I don't rely on insults. I am, for example, not the one who said, "forged in the feeble minds corrupted by methamphetamine and the fungus on the walls of Mommie's basement." I criticize actual actions. I don't invent things that I could not possibly know if they were true. (I do sometimes reflect accusations back onto my deceptive accusers. It is often true that such accusations are not wholly invented, but are instead true of the original accuser. And if they are not true of the accuser, then the original accuser should stop making them.)
     Of course, I enjoy rational discussion. But the fact is that some people are only good for other sorts of entertainment. And I can get a decent amount of enjoyment watching and commenting on the hypocrisy and stupidity of other posters. So, that guy can keep his insult list. I am quite sure that he will make extensive use of it. But the only use I would have is to see if his taunts matched up.

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