Sunday, July 13, 2008

Who was it?

     Previously, I asked someone (actually several someones; but that's another matter) what would true if he and his group were shielding (that would be consciously or unconsciously even though I did not make that explicit) a belief they mutually held. I received a comment telling me that I was the one with the faith and asserting "nothing will convince you." This person has also accused me of ignoring "positive evidence." Do these tactics sound familiar? They should. We hear them all the time. I ask that anyone who knows to which comment I refer not reveal it. I want to see how effectively people know the posters and see who, if anyone, can predict who would say that.
     I have taken down the information so that I can reveal the answer and give a reference at an appropriate time. Now, trying to find the comment is cheating. You have to go by your own familiarity.


Clostridiophile said...
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Clostridiophile said...
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Pvblivs said...

     I have removed some "revealers." After I am ready to reveal the answer myself, I will see if I can restore them. I did ask that anyone who knew the exact comment not give away the answer.

dede said...

sorry off thread.

although i cast my vote for sye, this poll is clearly not fair. i might be the only Christian who has the stomach to come by and say so.

as i see it and read it. sye had dale & others so flustered that they had to resort to name calling. not very mature.

i know i'm gonna catch some flack here and maybe even some name calling but go ahead i can take it.

Pvblivs said...


     You are welcome to your thoughts. I saw there a "no" vote and thought Sye cast it himself.

The Ranting Student said...

Hey Dede

We atheists don't usually attack Christians just for stopping by.

Sye TenB said...

what would true if he and his group were shielding a belief they mutually held,

??? Step away from the bong :-D

get_education said...

Hi Dede,

Well, the issue with Sye is that he never reads anything, quotes-mine in your face, and then repeats the same shit. So, he deserves every bit of name-calling. Though, I have to clear something up. It is not really name-calling, after lots of stupidity is shown up, when you call someone an idiot, it is just a description, maybe in his case it would be even an insult to true idiots who at least know that their intelligence is challenged.

Now, imagine that I were having a conversation with you, and each and every time you answered my questions I would only take parts of what you say, not even try and understand what you said, change your meaning in way too obvious ways, and then ask the same question as before. At some point you would have to conclude that, either I cannot read properly (mentally challenged), or I am just playing some kind of game (trollerism), or both. Would you say I do not deserve a good insult after the thousandth time?

You on the other hand, just called us immature. I am fine with it. I can take it. I could even think, wow, yes, I might be a bit immature, even if I feel that the name-calling is justified.

Do you see the huge difference between you and Sye? You make a very valid comment (you got into name calling, not very mature). I have to take you seriously.



P.S. Even if immature from me, I still think, very seriously, that Sye is both, a troll (because of the obvious treachery), and an ass-hole (he cannot even see that his fallacy has blatantly been exposed, at least in the eyes of those who understand it).