Monday, July 28, 2008

Interesting discussion over at the Raytractors

     There is an interesting discussion over at The Raytractors. They are talking about Ray quote-mining Anthony Flew. This, of course, comes as no surprise. Quote-mining seems to be one of Ray's limited talents.
     One of the people said that he thought that Ray didn't care that Flew wasn't referring to the biblical god because Ray believes that belief in any god will lead to the biblical god. I disagree. I have come to the conclusion that Ray is not interested in the biblical god and has no real concern for "spreading the word." (He's spreading something, all right.) Ray worships (shh, don't tell anyone now) money. His followers will eat this stuff up and send him cash. He knows this. The relative scarcity of dissenting comments is probably hurting his income.


Ranting said...
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Ranting said...

I agree.

In fact, you can see Ray's motives more and more... Ads on his blog for his material, a Spurgeon Gold moment [which is the title of one of his books]...Asking for money on his website...