Thursday, July 03, 2008

An ethical question

     Suppose I were a highly advanced extraterrestrial being and I had decided to pay your planet a little visit. Suppose further, that I had very specific expectations for my arrival. I have provided expections so that you can follow them. Some of the residents of insane asylums are providing the instructions. In order that you know that I am serious, I have also provided pictures of my craft -- in crayon. They sort of look like the drawings of 4-year-olds.
     Now, in this scenario, I decree that anyone not conforming to my expectations will be tortured. Since I have provided such convincing evidence (though none has seen me directly) all such people are "without excuse."
     Do you think that this would be morally justified? I think it is highly analogous to the biblical claims. If the biblical god actually exists, shows up, and punishes non-believers for their non-belief (let's face facts; the "it's for your sin" is simply false) he is an immoral monster.


The Ranting Student said...

Agreed. Once more, the whole idea of original sin is pretty wicked.

God, punishes his "children", because Adam and Eve ate of some fruit.

Very just and loving.

Pvblivs said...

     Well, I wasn't touching on "original sin." I was only stating that the commonly claimed standard is an obvious fake.

The Ranting Student said...

hmmm... Yes, I see your point.

God is an immoral monster indeed.