Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sorry, Benjamin.

     I'm terribly sorry Benjamin the Sower. But to get the five points you would need to post your answer on my blog, not Ray's. Okay, let's recap. The unwarranted assumption is that Ray is telling the truth. Ray has certainly heard about hackers (not the original definition I prefer) in the news. Some systems tell you when there have been unsuccessful attempts to access your account. Blogger is not one of them (unless Ray is talking about some other account I don't know about.) I know this because I sometimes get my passwords mixed up and enter the password for the wrong thing.
     Now, I don't know for certain that Ray is lying. He may be talking about an attempt to break into some other account that does notify him. But there is no way to verify his claims. And I just don't trust him.


Ranting said...

Hmm. That's interesting...
Perhaps he is...But, I wont say for sure.

Therine said...

Perhaps Ray's simply paranoid?