Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ray has a problem with honesty.

     Ray Comfort posted a quote, supposedly from Plato. After Discomforting Ignorance asked for a source, he edited the post to a Newton quote. Of course, it is possible that his motivation was the fact that some critics were pointing out Plato's actual views and how they didn't fit the image Ray wanted to portray. What is really funny is the fact that the http address of the post testifies to Ray's duplicity. I wonder if Ray even noticed. Maybe he is relying on his fans not to notice.


DisComforting Ignorance said...

Yeah, I posted for a source on his other post on Plato as well (along with others), and he didn't remove it (and of course did not post the non-existent source). Who knows how big of a role that played, then, although I commented pretty soon after the post was made. On the other hand, we have seen him unscrupulous edit and remove posts before when he figures out how much he's bungled it up.

But on the third hand, knowing what's going on in the head of Ray is something I doubt even Ray has mastered yet.

I think he does rely on his fans not noticing, or else he would cease using things like the banana argument or even the quote from Darwin about the eye (which he still uses).

get_education said...

Isn't it amazing?

But maybe we should not be that surprised, these guys train self-delusion so well, that anything from ray is fine, but anything from us is wrong. Remember, I I said somewhere else, that these guys train with the bible. If you can delude yourself to think that the bible is inerrant, god written, self-fulfilling, scientific, and all of that crap, then you can self-delude about anything to your convenience.