Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What?! NO takers?

     Christians are always big on saying how their god is good, holy, just, and righteous. I gave them an opportunity to explain just what they mean when they say their god is good. I have seen the biblical accounts. The terms "good," "holy," "just," and "righteous" are not what I would use to describe such a being. I know I have some christians reading. They insisted that Sye was not a troll. Do they really believe in and worship an evil god? Is that why they are afraid to tell me what they mean when they say their god is good? That's what it looks like from here.


dede said...

hi pbvlivs,

btw, do u have a "birth certificate" name?

anywho, i did see this post and was trying to decide what i could possibly say to you to describe the attributes that were listed for the God of the Bible from a monday, 7/21 post.

yes, that was me talking to ray, encouraging him to "share the Gospel". i wasn't encouraging him to do anything else. sharing the Gospel and encouraging us Christians to do the same is the premise of his ministry.

i got slammed for doing that on jason's/clos' blogsite. that ticked me off, but i'm over it now.

but as much as i could verify for myself that God is all those things i listed, i personally don't think anything that i say will help you understand my version of describing Yahweh as Good, Loving, Kind, Just, Angry, yet i would never describe Him as Evil.

(you might be cringing right now) but i can't make you understand how a "born-again" thinks toward their God.

let me re-phrase that...i can't make you understand how "I" think toward the great I AM.

i guess i could bore u with my testimony but again, i don't think you want to read about the experience i had with the God of this Universe.

i don't want to clump u together with those over at clos' site. so i've probably said too much already and frankly i'm just trying to guard my heart right now.


Pvblivs said...

     Oh, by all means, bore away. While it is unlikely that I would agree with your of "good" (considering mine involves not doing the things described in the bible -- murder, torture, genocide) I would be interested to know how you use the term. What does it mean to you?

dede said...

ok i'll try very hard to bore u but i can't right now. my 19yo/son is yelling at me to give back his laptop.

plus, tomorrow, i have alot going on with the kids plus, i have to do x2 12hr shifts this weekend.

i will need to get back to you early next week.

dede said...

whew! I ended up working 14hrs last saturday and 16 on sunday.

i promised i'd return and give you my answer about my definition of a Good God. but before i do, i would like to tell you that i will stepping back from much blogging. over this past weekend, i realized that i have this addiction with the cyber world and frankly, i have been neglecting the most important gifts in my life-husband, kids, homelife. it had to take my 11yo/son to say these words to me as he was referring to my laptop, "mom, your addicted to that thing."

i think you might be a little disappointed in my definition of why i think God is Good. i don't have anything elaborate to tell you but this...

God is Good because He saved my soul!

that's it. my love for him isn't contingent on all the blessings or problems i have been given. yes, of course i appreciate all the blessings and yes i struggle with personal issues but the above statement is the crux of God's Goodness for me, you and anyone that repents and trusts in His Christ

lastlly pbvlivs, i apologize for for sounding preachy. I know you think that Christians are delusional but think about it, there are millions of professing "born-again" believers in this world. how is it that we all have the same delusions? i know you might come back with the answer that muslims, jehovah witnesses, buddists all adhere to a type of delusion but pbvlivs, i personally have looked into those religions and even abandoning Christianity at one time. as i said in the above statement that

repenting and putting my trust in the Messiah gave me the liberty and the washing away of guilt, shame, pride that my soul carried for so long.

i will stick around to read your comment but after that i must bid ado.

luv & blessings, dede

p.s. oh btw, i suppose you didn't really think about the kind of faith that you needed to sit in the chair your typing from yet you so trusted it to hold you up. that's the kind of faith and trust you need for our discussion above.

Pvblivs said...


     The main post here was not about whether your god is real or fictitious. So, I will not really get into delusional vs. non-delusional. Another time, perhaps.
     I will, however, get into what you give as the reason for deciding that he is good. You state that he saved your soul. But ultimately, according to christian beliefs he saved your soul from himself. It reminds me of a line from an old sit-com. I don't remember which one. That's not really important.
     "Oh, I remember him. I saved his life once."
     "How did you do that?"
     "I stopped hitting him."
     Ultimately, that is why I consider the christian god evil. Assuming he exists, he didn't save avyone from a threat. He is the threat.