Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My thoughts to Ethan's post on "Where did the atheists go?"

     I saw a post by Ethan on the thread Potential Law Suit timestamped 6:49 pm on 23 Jul on "Atheist Central" "Where did the atheists go?" I thought I would supply my own thoughts on it.

     (knock on door)

     Pvblivs: (opens door a crack with latch) Yes.

     Christian: I see that you're taking a nap on train tracks. Aren't you worried that a train might come?

     Pvblivs: What are you talking about? I'm taking a nap inside my own home. There are no train tracks here.

     Christian: So how do you explain the tracks?

     Pvblivs: I told you. There aren't any here. Railroads do not run tracks through private residences. Are you crazy or something?

     Christian: I'm really concerned for you. Won't you at least consider your situation? Soon a massive train is going to come this way and I don't want to see your head chopped off. It's crazy to stay where you are.

     Pvblivs: I have lived here for several years. I can assure you that trains do not run through my home. Right now, I only see one threat and that's the demented person claiming a train is coming.


The Ranting Student said...

Damn Jehova Witness.
Well, this is much like every conversation I have with random theists.

verandoug said...

The "wreck" I personally warn you of will not happen in this life. It begins after. I didn't see Ethan's post.

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