Sunday, May 01, 2011

There he goes again

     Norman is talking about "dictator Obama" again. Here's a hint. Obama is not the one who said "I'm the decider." I get that Norman dislikes unions. After all, they probably forced his daddy to pay his workers a living wage -- something the idle rich don't like.


     I am unable to find a direct article corresponding to Norman's latest claims. That would be an original news story not an editorial. In fact, all I can find are opinion pieces from groups that are so right-wing that they would call Reagan a leftist.

     Oh, he is so cute when he is trying to claim that Fox News is not a right-wing organization. Okay, stating a truth is not a logical fallacy. In fact, to have a logical fallacy you need something that is drawing at least a partial conclusion in an argument that claims to be logical. As for "stupid": I would suggest that anyone who does not regard Fox News as a right-wing organization is either stupid or has been living in the equivalent of a cave for the last 20 years. According to Fox News, the Republicans are always right and the Democrats are always wrong. It's not like their bias is subtle.


Prince of Thrift said...

who is this Norman you keep talking about. I am completely lost here.

Still even without knowing I find the several posts I have read (from the top down to here) interesting.

Brazen said...

"Norman" is a nickname for another blogger who goes by many online handles, but I believe his most well known one is "Stormbringer." He's quite notorious for talking trash and furthering the nasty stereotypes of atheists while justifying his slanderous statements with "This is how I'm treated by atheists, so they get what they dish out", though I have never seen any atheist treat him poorly before he said something inflammatory. That's the short version (to the extent of my knowledge).

Pvblivs has several posts on the matters.