Saturday, May 14, 2011

Here's something to think about.

     What is the best way to keep your personal files secret? Note that this refers to the files that only you personally need access to. Files which must be shared between several users would use other mechanisms.

     By the way: Norman is trying so hard to convince me that he is ignoring me that he forgot that he wasn't going to allow any off-topic comments to be published on his blog. He used another sock-puppet to tell himself that I and another person were being "juvenile." A hint to Norman: You are the only one that used that particular insult; and you failed to have the sock-puppet identify the individual who criticized Farmville. If you were truly ignoring the people you claim to be ignoring, you could never have identified the critic in a subsequent post.

     As to the main question: Yes, I do have an answer. I plan on posting it sometime over the coming week. However, I would like people to think about it.


     It seems than Norman has removed the entire post in which he made the off-topic comment to himself. Oh, well, it's not like his supporter is going to call him on it.

     My mistake. It's still there.

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