Thursday, May 12, 2011

Remember, security depends on you.

     Okay, security training is making its rounds at work again. Those of you who have experienced it know what I'm talking about. I especially like the part where you have to choose a password that is impossible to remember from one day to the next (they word it differently) and are not supposed to write it down. (Half of the office has Post-It notes with their passwords on them.)
     I like an analogy. A store could have a safe with 2-ft thick steel walls and a protocol for opening the door that took ten minutes for legitimate access. But if the workers have to get in there ten times a day or more, I can guarantee that the door is going to get propped open. Yes, I understand the importance of security. But the designers of these systems need to understand that it should not be an obstacle to doing one's job.

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