Saturday, May 21, 2011

     The following comment goes here.

     "Cameron speaking out like that could make some angry with him."
     But none of them supply him with income. His bottom line is safe.
     "Many who earn their living in the "Christian industry" are quite poor."
     Perhaps. I'm sure the people who clean the office floors don't make a lot of money. But the people who make television and film appearances for the "ministries" do.


     "Here's more 'tolerance', the leftist 'Media Matters' is pressuring advertisers to drop Fox News because they are a 'political operation masquerading as a news network'"

     Such "pressure" is complete nonsense. Advertisers don't care whether a publication is a news medium or not. They care whether their advertising dollars drive sales. A group called "Media Matters" may, indeed, be trying to apply such "pressure." But it is as useless as telling someone not to drive his car because it can't go to the moon. It's not the point.

Note: The above is not a verbatim transcription of the comment I had previously as, there being no valid reason to delete it, I did not preserve a copy. I am reconstructing it from memory as best I can. The flavor and character, however, are the same. I do find it interesting that Norman complains of cheap shots and name-calling, which I did not use, when he calls a network "MSLSD." I find him to be quite hypocritical.


     As Norman is deleting comments that do not violate any stated rules, I will give a screenshot of another comment he will likely delete.

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The people you fight with have the emotional maturity of toddlers