Saturday, May 07, 2011

Norman is agaain claiming that he is only "giving back what he gets."

     In other words, he is lying. I still remember my first encounter. That was on Dan's blog. I also not that, before Rhomphaia became so enamored of Norman, she said that I seemed a lot more civil with Dan than I did with Norman. There is a reason for this. I am hostile only to those who instigate the hostility. Norman knows this. He knows full well that he is an instigator. I am not interested in how he treats christians posing as atheists for the sole purpose of pretending he is not an instigator. Instead, I would ask all non-christians to consider how he treats them. His first comment to me, and the first time I saw him at all, was filled with venom. He can't have been "giving back" anything, because I had never addressed him before.


     It's amazing how upset he is and saying I'm giving the delete button a workout, when the reason you don't see my comments on his blog is because he pre-screens and deletes them. Then he can say "Prove it, prove you made a comment. Do you have a screen capture with the comment showing as posted?" knowing full well that it is impossible to have such evidence with someone who prescreens and deletes them.
     Remember, Norman, if you want to see your comments stay here, you have to allow mine through on your blog. I'm making no secret that I am hiding your comments. You earned it. And, if you want to convince people that you are civil, try being civil with me. You can start with the fact that my screen name is Pvblivs, something you haven't used yet. And when I first dealt with you, I did call you by your preferred screenname. But then, you probably don't want your comments to return here. I didn't exactly delete them. They're hidden. But I can restore them.


Whateverman said...

While you and I have disagreed in the past, Pvblivs, I truly don't understand the venom he and Rhomphala regard you with.

Mr. Gordons said...

Really Whateverman? Count the posts made to destroy Rhomphaia and Stormbringer here. Look at the dishonest way he misrepresents their God and how he outright lies and you might have your answer. Didnt take me long to figure it out.

Whateverman said...

Hi Mr Gordons.

I haven't found a single post attempting to "destroy" either Stombringer or Rhomphala. I see a number in which Pvblivs disagrees with them, but if that's an attempt at destruction, then I'm afraid SB and Rh are guilty of much worse.

Personally, I see the relationship between the three as nothing more than disagreement, but I stand by my assessment of that SB and QQ/Rh are more venemous.

As for the "the dishonest way he misrepresents their God and how he outright lies", I think I need examples of both.

Anonymous said...

Stormbringer/Bob is a sad case.
He works in a cubicle but is obsessed with manly men. Cowboys, John Wayne, Storms! Real adolescent junk. He dresses like Colin Baker from Dr Who. He fucking loves Farmville. Farmville! He thinks everyone is attacking him even if they aren't. Can't call anyone by their right name. Can you imagine what he would be like in real life? This is not the kind of person who has a good social life. If he acts like he acts on blogs in real life then he almost certainly has no real friends. He is not as smart as he thinks he is but can't see it.
He's a loser in real life and he's trying to make an identity on blogs.
He gets attention for acting like an idiot so he acts worse. So he gets more attention so he acts even worse. He probably doesn't even consciously realize this.
Deleting his comments and pretending he didn't exist would be the worst for him. He'd bray and try and provoke. His nightmare is being ignored because in real life - he's invisible.

rhiggs said...


"...knowing full well that it is impossible to have such evidence with someone who prescreens and deletes them."

Do you have a handheld camera or a phone with video capabilities? Simply record your screen the next time you post a comment.
Then if the comment doesn't appear, upload the video here. That would be sufficient evidence that Stormbringer couldn't escape from...