Saturday, April 30, 2011

About the "birther" issue:

     Fox News (a decidedly right-wing organization) has posted this article. I thought I would point out a few things.
     "While the White House has been quick to complain about the media's role in the birther issue, the presidential candidate other than Trump who has brought up the issue most often recently is Obama..." [Emphasis added]
     Okay, who can name a presidential candidate other than Obama and Trump? Me neither, although Nader is a possibility. The White House has, indeed, complained about the media (especially conservative media) harping on the birther non-issue. But the Fox News claim is technically accurate. None of the members of those media are presidential candidates. And so, it is true, out of the two people included in the group of presidential candidates, Obama brings it up second-most often. Some of us would point out that, among that same group, he brings it up least often.
     "The so-called long-form certificate had become the central issue for many of the so-called birthers, and for Donald Trump, who is mulling over a presidential bid and had said it was possible that Obama was pulling 'one of the great cons in the history of politics.' The state of Hawaii uses a 'short form' as a certified birth certificate, and Obama had to ask for a waiver to get the longer form released. The long form showed what the short firm did: Obama was born in Honolulu."
     As you'll recall, Trump was lying that Obama was hiding something by not releasing the "long form." Okay, quick, how many of you have access to the "long form" of your own birth certificates? Well, unless I have readers that work in the appropriate records offices, the answer is zero. Even Trump can't get his "long form" and he knows it. I can only surmise that Trump was hoping that Obama could not pull the necessary strings to get his released.
     "Obama's choice to personally involve himself in a controversy that, until recently, was driven by fringe websites and talk-radio rants..."
     And that would include the very site from which this quote is pulled.

     Okay, look, like Obama, hate Obama, fine, whatever. But everyone involved has known that Obama was a native-born citizen throughout this whole mess.

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