Monday, May 02, 2011

Must be a slow news day

     Today all the media seemed to want to talk about was the fact that some men in uniform (I refuse to call them "soldiers") killed Bin Laden. We are talking about a defenseless old man who never posed a threat himself. He was a cheerleader for anti-NATO actions; and that's it. He did not plan strategies. He did not select targets. He cheered when things blew up. As a result, he is nothing more than a face to attach to the two minutes of hate. I have no use for hate. So, now there will probably be more attacks. After all, we've managed to create a martyr. We have done what Bin Laden could never hope to do while alive -- make the U.S. look like a country who seeks out and murders critics. The best thing would have been to let him die of old age. Nothing to rally around there. And it's not like having him alive gave our adversaries any military advantage. They can be just as effective without him as they were with him. Perhaps more so. Now they have a "cause of righteousness."


Rhomphaia (Sword) said...


You mean that for 20 years or so now, that Clinton, both Bush(es), Obama, etc and all of our Intelligence; FBI, CIA, ODNI, AFISR, ArmyCID, DIA, MCIA, MIC, NGA, NRO, NSA, NCIS, ONI, USDHS, OIC, USSS, OIA, And the OTFI-etc....and many other nation's intelligence agencies, have ALL been wrong about that man?!?!?!

And YOU are the only one who's right?

Pvblivs said...

     No, I mean that Clinton, the Bushes, Obama, and the rest were fully aware that the guy was a cipher but could play on the public's desire to hate. Do you know where your nation's top strategists are? I didn't think so. Do you know who they are? No surprise that that's hidden too. A cheerleader can have a big bull's-eye painted on him because he is expendable.

Rhomphaia (Sword) said...

I listed the agencies PBS. The men, as individuals, are often protected for obvious reasons. (Some lose their identities altogether, you know this.)

Ok- as insane as that is-
then you mind telling me who funded and planned 911? And why did OBL (and his captured cronies) claim (and verify) that he was responsible?

Pvblivs said...

     "The men, as individuals, are often protected for obvious reasons."
     And, for equally obvious reason, any actual mastermind will also be hidden. Someone who is there to make good television is only there to make good television. But you are asking me to believe the incoherency that someone is smart enough to mastermind various attacks around the globe that we were powerless to detect and prevent and yet was stupid enough to announce his calling card. It is plausible that military intelligence has identified an actual mastermind and just hasn't told us. It is not plausible that Osama is it. Osama was expendable. He was a face.
     By the way, did Osama also verify that he was in the U.S. and flew one of the planes himself?