Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rhomphaia is writing about the "gay agenda"

     Below is my response.

     For homosexuals to proselytize straights they would have to be trying to recruit them into becoming homosexual -- something that would be about as effective as recruiting people to have brown eyes.
     But, instead, you object to them having the agenda of wanting to be treated as normal people rather than targets for persecution (e.g. people that you can drag down the freeway tied behind your pickup truck.) You will excuse me if I do not fault anyone for having an agenda like that.


     Rhomphaia now objects to my bringing up the persecution that homosexuals experience and which drives their agenda. After all, she said nothing about the persecution or the violence. Below is my response.

     "There was nothing in there AT ALL about taking any rights from homos"
     "in which he admits homosexual activists do want to 'recruit' children to accept homosexual behavior as normal."
     Well, you consistently clamor that your rights are being taken away and say you need to be able to present your faith as "normal." I rather sense a double-standard. And it is true. You never once mentioned the violence that is a direct result of homosexuals being regarded as "not normal." But since that spurs them to their agenda, and you are talking about and condemning that agenda, it is an important point.
     So, no, you talked about their seeking normal treatment as though it came out of thin air, you never once mentioned the horrors that they face every single day in not being treated as normal. They are currently treated as objects of persecution. They want to be treated as normal. You object to their efforts in being treated as normal. Of course, mentioning the persecution makes your position look bad, so you don't mention it.

     Oh, by the way, I did gloss over your fellow believer "playing homosexual" to say that he was trying to recruit people into homosexual behavior. I do this in much the same way as I gloss over your fellow believers when they say they are/were atheists who really believe in your god but are suppressing the truth in unrighteousness. It is not a lack of reading comprehension that induces me to reject christian propaganda. The fact is that you cannot turn someone homosexual and you cannot turn someone straight. It just doesn't work that way. And they already tried hiding; that didn't work out very well.


     I do not doubt that this fellow is a real person. I also do not doubt that the article you quote exists. However, I do already know that "homosexuality is a choice" and "they're trying to turn our children into homosexuals" are bits of christian propaganda. They have been so for quite some time. And neither one is true.
     As for your claim that the original article is on a "homosexual site," I can dismiss it out of hand because you have shown that you only turn to christian sites for references. That explains why CBN is the only recognizable source that you give me. The others are all christian apologetics that I have never heard before. It is possible that someone set up a site to pretend to be a christian site. I have similarly seen sites that pretend to be christian sites that "admit that christianity is deceiving the world." But you would not appreciate any of that being brought up as "true admissions from christianity."
     An inconvenient fact for you is that I don't lie. You like to claim that I am a liar; but it is simply not true. As for the opportunities to have a straightforward discussion, you offer none. The phrase "This post has been removed by a blog administrator" says it all. If you were offering any such opportunity, my posts, which have never violated any of your stated rules, would never have been removed. It really is as simple as that.
     You accuse me of fighting with hype and emotionalism. But quite frankly, that is what you are doing with "they're trying to recruit our children."

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