Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rhomphaia is now cheering that Moscow is banning "gay pride" parades

     Yes, yes, I know she actually had her "cat's paw" make that post. But as she give her full endorsement to everything he writes, The cheers are just as much from Rhomphaia.
     I wonder if she also cheers the muslims for their similar stance. Seriously, has she even considered that the primary reason Moscow doesn't allow the parades is because it fails to worship the state? Now, I realize that she considers homosexuals to be less than human. She is just celebrating another aspect of hate. Still, if you are going to have respect for human life, you can't pick and choose which people qualify as "human."

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Alex B said...

She got very upset with me a while ago when I pointed out just how homophobic she is.