Sunday, April 03, 2011

Some comments that Norman has deleted

     Incidentally, these comments were not directed to his blog. He usurped the authority to delete legitimate comments on a blog where the owner extended him the privilege of making his own primary posts.


     No, you don't have to babysit. This is (supposedly) Rhomphaia's blog. And it is her place, not yours, to decide what comments fit the rules. I submit that the comment you deleted followed all the rules and was only off-topic in that it responded to your own off-topic comment. It's easy to make a false conviction when you are able to block the defense from speaking.


     Contrary to your assertion, I do not claim that everyone who disagrees with me is a sock puppet. I do claim that the various accounts which all exhibit your style of writing are. There are people other than you who disagree with me. But you use a multitude of accounts. I make very few claims about people being crazy or evil. But I do note that you do not shy away from making such claims yourself.
     "We do have the right to make rules whether you like it or not."
     And we have reason to cry foul when you delete posts that do not violate your stated rules and you pretend they do. Quite frankly, I think Miss Goose should revoke your administrative privileges. But, by now, you have probably become the primary owner of the blog.
     The posts which you deleted did not violate your stated rules. (I happened to see Alex's before your got to it.) But I suppose that you can rely on the fact that supporters won't know the difference. After all, they won't see the oriinal to test against your stated claim. Your abuse of power can go unchecked.

     This is supposedly Rhomphaia's blog, not Norman's. However, Norman seems to be making two (or more) sets of rules. There is the set of rules he claims overtly and will lie and say people violated when he deletes their comments. Then there are the rules he keeps to himself about why he deletes the comments, likely involving being inconvenient to his lies. I say "or more" because one can argue that he has a third, less restrictive, set for himself (and his supporters, insofar as they exist.)
     He likes to accuse me of "whining." But I submit that he does not believe it to be so. If he really believed that I was whining, he would let my comments stand, as it would inspire others to ignore me without his interference. Instead he tells people not to listen to anything I may have said and just take his word that I was "whining." It may be effective; but it is deceptive

     Now, technically, I'm jumping the gun on that last one, as I've just posted it and he hasn't had opportunity to delete it yet. But does anyone want to lay any bets?


     "If you had not answered him, it was going away. He is being recalcitrant and only interested in causing trouble"
     Rough translation: I was trying to prevent you from seeing that. Christians who scrutinize their faith too closely tend to lose it.

     Somehow, this got put in the wrong post.

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Brazen said...

I admit I had a chuckle at the third one.

Because, if you had assumed everyone who disagreed with you as being a sockpuppet, I'd imagine you'd have called me Stormy by now. ;)