Thursday, April 07, 2011

Another post about Norman.

     In this thread, Norman relays a story and probably envisions himself as "Patches." I think his actions are more in keeping with the lynch mob. The facts, as anyone can verify by reviewing his blog and comments that he makes on other blogs, are that he is quick to accuse and belittle anyone who dares to disagree with him. He frequently claims that the has submitted proof positive of his accusations (on some unknown former occasion.) And yet, I have never seen him present any actual evidence to back his claims up. The closest I saw him come was backlinking to another blog post of his where he had made the same accusations without evidence. Where he has the power, he is in the habit of making regular deletions of comments that he doesn't like. The reasons he gives are flimsy at best and I do not believe they are true. But the reader may judge for himself.

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Alex B said...

I wonder if either he or Rhomphaia realist that pretty much the only reason any of us post on her blog is because it's the only place we can confront Stormbringer on his insanity?