Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The "love" of the christian god.

     Norman really should take his own object lessons. He does so many of the things he criticizes others for. Then again, I suppose that's normal. One faults most in others the things he sees in himself but does not like.

     Okay, main point. Christians tend to accuse outsiders of "suppressing the truth" or "rebelling" against their god. They don't have a tendency to provide any evidence for this position. But I have seen the accusation made time and time again.
     Now, most non-christians, including myself, believe the christian god to be fictional. But, if I believed he existed, there would be cause for rebellion. According to christian theology, people are to submit to him like a wife to her husband. I am aware of the fight for women's rights. Christianity, however, was invented in another time. I remembered a song that illustrated just exactly what kind of "husband" the christian god really is.

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