Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Worldviews can be interesting.

     One person seems to be claiming to have concluded that the bible is "the word of god." But he rejects the plain meaning of passages and goes with what "bible scholars" say they "really mean." He can't be trusting the bible if he can't decide for himself what it means. Historically, "bible scholars" have adjusted these meanings always avoiding having to admit that the bible contains errors. I find them completely untrustworthy. But there is also an obvious tear in the belief system. The belief that the bible is "the word of god" had to have been a premise. Seeking out scholars to smooth over passages only makes sense if one is trying to protect a belief.
     Another person claims that "everyone knows that god is real." First off, I think the biblical god is fake. More importantly, such beliefs are learned. And these beliefs are taugh by fiat. There has, to date, been no independently verified evidence in favor of the biblical god. But he is probably sincere in his belief that people have such ingrained "knowledge."

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