Monday, October 20, 2008

Overwhelming evidence?!

     The blogger at Debunking Atheists recently did a post entitled "Overwhelming Evidence!" attempting to say the bible must be accurate because it has not been tampered with in a few thousand years. In this effort, he only manages to convince those who already believe the bible to be accurate. The fact is that that standard is worthless.
     Let's leave aside, for the time being, the fact that some passages (like the "let he who is without sin" line) appear to be additions after the fact. Some passages are conpicuously absent from the earliest versions available. What is important to my position is that the bible was not written by historians. It was written by people (anonymous people) who had an interest in spreading their, uh, religion. It bears no credibility. The legends of the Greek and Roman gods have been likewise preserved. They are of no value as historical records. (They have value as historical artifacts. They help us understand earlier cultures.) Would we expect, three thousand years hence, the writings of Joseph Smith to be taken as "the word of god." He certainly claimed that they were.
     Ultimately, I recognize that the bible is an ancient book. It is an ancient book of legends. And I give it the same regard as any other ancient book of legends. The burden is still on the believer of those legends to demonstrate that it contains history rather than legends.

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