Sunday, October 12, 2008

One person said he thought that christians attempt to use reasoning to convince themselves of their faith.

     I disagree. I think that they are simply trying to procure more victims... er... followers of the faith. A pretense of logic and reasoning seems to be the only tool at their disposal at the moment. I have little doubt that many of them would prefer swordpoint conversions. They will deny this; and may even be convinced of their denial. But the history is rather plain. Whenever christianity had the power to coerce people into the fold, that is what it did. Even now, we see fearmongering in telling people they will burn forever if they don't join up.
     I consider it quite possible that such christians really are possessed by evil spirits. It seems to fit. (No, I don't consider that a scientific assessment in any way shape or form.) There could be a world beyond what we see that is different from what christianity claims.

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