Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Depart from me. I never knew you."

     According to christian dogma, those words are supposed to be heard by people who actually consider themselves christians. Overt non-christians would have no cause to claim that they had done anything in Jesus's name. I have noticed several christians that seem to take some sort of delight in imagining the horrors that await outsiders. These christians, when their spiel is not immediately embraced, will tell people that they are done with them and that they have already heard plenty of "god's word."
     Now, I do not believe the bible to be accurate and so I don't think that will happen. But people like that should be concerned. They, supposedly, do think that will happen. And the verse seems fitted to them. I'm not going to name any names. This is just a personal rant. I highly doubt that any of the people that fit the description I gave will read this. They will have dismissed me long ago.
     There is something else to consider. If, to my great surprise, the bible proves even approximately accurate, I will have a consolation. I have renounced the cruelty and torture as unjust. I do not endorse it. However, in such a situation, christian finding themselves thrust into that eternal torment will have endorsed it. The anguish of knowing that one declared just a torment that one thought one had escaped but instead has to endure is beyond my imagining. Those people may not know it, but they have far more reason than I do to want the bible to be false.

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