Saturday, October 25, 2008

I have seen quite a few atheists telling christians to "get professional help."

     Personally, I would hope that we were beyond institutionalizing people who are not carbon copies of some "standard." Several of these "get professional help"s were directed at people who are harmless. I think that that is entirely inappropriate. It ulimately comes down to doing the same thing we find objectionable when religions do it. It is a means of suppressing "heresies."
     Now, there are christians I consider dangerous. Those would be the ones trying to enforce christianity by law. Making all non-christians into second-class citizens is very harmful indeed. Those people trying to harm others because they were born homosexual should be separated from society to limit their damage. But if they are harmless and simply hold unusual beliefs, I think we should leave them be. It shouldn't matter if they believe in some god, little green men from Mars, or the Easter Bunny.

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