Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Possible pretender alert.

     A commenter on one the posts at Raytractors (not one of the main posters) recently said in regards to a video about someone who lets her religion dictate her votes, "exterminate them all." Now, every so often, a little alarm goes off suggesting that someone is posing as something he is not in order to create a bad image. This is one of those times. I can't actually know that the person is a fraud. But I believe that he is. I think that he is trying to create an undue stain upon atheists in general. Calls for genocide generally come from people with power over many others that want to eliminate competition. So, they generally come from priests or kings, both of which would be better served by having more people like the one in the video. It does not make sense for someone nonreligious to say something like that. But it does make sense for someone trying to create a bad image for the nonreligious to do so while pretending to be nonreligious.

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