Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stormbringer's Hypocrisy

     Stormbringer has decided to do a post about lying. Well, it does seem to be his field of expertise. I thought I'd like to compare his judgements against his actions.
     "Assigning a motive. You don't know what is in someone's heart or mind 'on the fly.'"
     Stormbringer, himself, has assigned to myself and other dissenters the motive of "being filled with hate." When he sees others assign motives, he announces it as lying. Now, for me, it's a harder call. Someone is only lying if he does not believe his own claims. If he really believes what he says (which I do not think is the case with Stormbringer) he is only mistaken -- or, if correct, telling the truth.
     "Putting words into someone's mouth. This can be tricky, too. One one hand, there is the 'Ray is a homophobe,' a complete and deliberate misrepresentation of the contents of the article. The other way is to quote a line in question and saying, 'This seems homophobic to me.'"
     This is a horrible attempt to produce an example to demonstrate his claim. What he has actually given an example of is someone making a judgement. Here's a better example (read: an actual example) of putting words in someone's mouth. Stormbringer admits to having faked responses from what he calls "the main trolls" in his comment section. (He did eventually delete the falsified comments.) That was putting words in their mouth.
     Now, I think he fits his other criteria for lying quite well as well. But that comes from more general experience with him. To make a case, I would have to fill this with many of his statements. But I expect several readers are familiar with Stormbringer and can come to their own conclusions.
     Oh, yes, I will copy this post as a comment to Stormbringer's blog entry. I don't really expect him to do anything other than hit delete. But it gives him the opportunity to be "Withholding the truth." He's deleted my comments before.

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