Thursday, September 09, 2010

Questioning integrity

     "Screaming like scalded cats when I gave them a payback: I faked a couple of 'responses' from the main trolls here in the comment section, left them for a couple of days and took them down."
     "Another time, I was accused of creating someone else, and by the same cafone that did not learn his lesson before. I tried to tell him that this guy even has his own Website. I gave up before I bothered to tell Mr. Cafone that the individual he assumed that I manufactured on the spot had commented on other Weblogs in which both people had participated."
     These two quotes are by the same person. They even appear on the same blog (in main posts, not the comment sections.) As a clarification, he has been accused of writing comments and falsely attributing them to other people. But he has admitted to doing just that. Indeed he only took down the faked responses when the people whose "signatures" he was forging started "screaming like scalded cats." So, sure the people he claims certain comments are from actually exist. They just didn't write the comments he attributes to them. And he's upset that people doubt his integrity?


     "Here is what was posted, a quote from me, in the proper context. I am putting the parts in red that [he] left off from [his] personal attack on me:"
     Yes, it's so personal that I didn't even identify this individual. There are a few individuals that I find entertaining and will comment on from time to time.
     "Screaming like scalded cats when I gave them a payback: I faked a couple of 'responses' from the main trolls here in the comment section, left them for a couple of days and took them down. Helps prove two of my points: They can't take a joke, and if they had lives that extended beyond trolling, they wouldn't have been pranked. Their double standards are amazing." [Part I quoted initially in bold]
     A quote is out of context when its meaning is changed from the original. I left out his excuses as not particularly relevant. His excuses are also not true. His being an imposter and attempting to put words in someone else's mouth does not prove anything about the other person. Furthermore I don't know of anyone who can take a "joke" like that. Nobody likes having his name used in "support" of a position he opposes. That is no prank. (Note: I do not happen to be one of the people to whom he did this.) The second excuse sounds rather like something a wife-beater says about why he beats his wife. Blaming the victim does not impress anyone.
     "Keep it up, [o wise one,] the crew and I are laughing at you again."
     Somehow I rather doubt that he has a crew. He also seems to forget that he is pretending to ignore me. I have no problem if he ignores me. His inanity is entertaining either way.
     "Even more surprising, this was done to 'prove' that I have made up entire people, numerous comments and, I assume, entire [w]ebsites."
     He is accused only of making up the comments. In his effort to maintain an illusion, he wishes to defend against the nonexistent charge that the people he is attributing his comments to don't exist. The people he faked responses from most certainly exist. They objected to his forgery. No one is claiming that any of these people don't exist. People are saying that these people didn't write what this character says they wrote. That's why the forged comments are "OpenID." He is able to link to anyone's site claiming a comment came from them without their permission.

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