Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Here is a comment I posted on another blog.

     "Here is a story that has been circulating. No, I don't think it's entirely true, but it could happen:"
     "[Y]ou'll use a joke to 'prove' your beliefs."
     Interesting, now you're saying something you claimed could happen is a joke. I do not vouch for the authenticity of the story. But you were using it in an effort to illustrate your point. I simply used it to illustrate mine.
     "You also reinforce something I've stated, that atheists have no sense of humor unless they're making derisive comments about [g]od and [c]hristians."
     This must be another "joke." My tendencies say nothing about atheists as I am not an atheist. Perhaps your difficulty with "the inability of some people to take a joke" stems from the fact that the "joke" was not intended as such when you delivered it.
     "As for the rest of your comments...not worth my time."
     I understand. You are too filled with hate to consider the mindset of someone who is not bowing before you.

     I really don't expect the comment to be approved. This particular fellow likes to maintain an illusion. But I will offer 10 points to anyone (other than the author of that blog) who can identify, just from what I have posted here, whose blog that is.


rhiggs said...

Sounds like Stormbringer? But I guess it could be anyone of a number...

rhiggs said...

Ah, I just read your more recent post. At least I got it right!

Pvblivs said...

     Yes, it was Stormbringer. I was originally going to give a full week as opportunity for people to guess. But his next sleight-of-hand maneuver was too tempting to pass up. Oh, and I really find it amusing that he seems to think telling me I have almost no readers (the only attack against me that has any merit) will somehow make me feel bad.