Saturday, September 04, 2010

And the blog belonged to...

     Stormbringer. I heard that he was given the Terry Burton award (in reference to the Terry Burton that often shows up at Ray's blog. I have to say, he is putting a lot of effort towards earning it. Here you will find another post he did. And below I will include my reply that he deleted.

     "Then you engaged in some projection, typical of a sick mind."
     Projection may be typical of a sick mind; but I only reflected yours back at you. If decapitalization is your idea of "venom," then it is safe to say that you have never actually received a hateful comment.
     "You are a hypocrite because you moderate your comments as well, and you have deleted some."
     Where did my comment say anything about moderation and/or deletion? I said that you use the "hateful" label so that you don't have to think about dissent. To counter that, all you would need to do is show some dissenting commentary that you didn't consider "hateful." Ah, but you can't do that, can you?
     "If you had something intelligent to say, or even entertaining, I would let future comments go through. Since you are a pretentious, vicious coward with nothing interesting to say, you are dismissed."
     Others might disagree with your definitions of "intelligent," "pretentious," and "vicious."
     "I know you're obsessed with me..."
     Oh, your just a perfect example of someone who fears critical thought. Daniel's incoherence was more entertaining until his "prophecy" about the destruction of San Francisco failed and he pulled down his blog and went into hiding. No, your not the first person I've written about because he looks like an unbelievable charicature.
     "...[Y]ou have four readers who actually like your mindless nonsense."
     Aw, is that supposed to be a blow to my ego? I'm not the one who claims there are hoards of people hanging on my every word.

     By the way, for your edification, there was more than one person with the name "PVBLIVS" -- just like there was more than one person with the name "Theodore."

     Now, not only did he delete the comment, but he created a fake comment (with OpenID he can pretend to be anybody) to claim that Stormbringer "debates" but that I was just "crying." Funny, this supposed other person talks just like Stormbringer, right down to his chosen diminutive in place of my name. Now, I realize that anyone who is convinced ahead of time that I am "crying" will interpret anything I say in that light. But I defy anyone to give an example of Stormbringer actually debating instead of pulling out thought-stoppers. For that matter, I don't think any of Stormbringer's supporters (does he have any other than himself?) can provide an example of dissent that Stormbringer didn't label "hateful."
     Oh, yes, nobody won the ten points. I would have provided more time; but there was just too much entertainment value to Stormbringer's next post -- the comment on which I issued the points challenge belonging to the post just prior to the one to which today's comment belongs.


Stormbringer said...

I will dignify your weak-minded, pitiful, hypocritical and, above all else, dishonest rantings with a simple comment. Nicky is my associate. Although I no longer approve of his activities, he has a Weblog of his own here. Should keep you busy for days.

By the way, Pubs, just because both of us shorten your name doesn't mean we're the same person. No wonder nobody respects your "reasoning".

Goodbye. Have a nice life in your mother's basement.

Stormbringer said...

PS - Are my debates with Chris B. on my Weblog made up, too?

Pvblivs said...


     You are known to invent comments. The comment by "Nicky" agrees with your claims 100 percent. And the comment matches your style. Furthermore, OpenID does give you the ability to redirect to anyone's website without confirmation. I am completely convinced that you manufactured that post.
     "Goodbye. Have a nice life [projection deleted]."
     Don't let the door hit you on your way out.