Tuesday, September 21, 2010

At least he's good for laughs

     Stormbringer wrote another post in which he displays typical christian "humility." I thought I'd make some comments.
     "Ready for some brutal honesty? Good."
     When I look for honesty, I don't look to his blog. I have yet to see him be honest.
     "Nope. I'm still partly looney, but not all the way yet."
     Personally, I think he has been "all the way" for quite some time.
     "There was a time when the trolls would attack and I would send them home bleeding and crying."
     Really? That's not what I've seen. I've seen him lash out at people, myself included, and call their reasoned replies "crying." I have also seen him call far too many people "trolls." I think my favorite bit of Stormbringer inanity was one blog where he showed up and, after about a week I think it was, accused the long-time regulars of that blog of stalking him and following him to the blog. It's certainly one of the first things I noticed about him. (I'm going to have to see if I can find that one.)
     "It's funny when I'm being set up and you get surprised when I'm civil in my responses."
     Has anybody seen an example of this? Admittedly, I would be surprised to find him civil in response to anyone that was not worshipping the ground on which he walks. But that is only because it is so out of character with his actual responses.
     "If you ever browse this Weblog, I hope you'll find some other items that you find interesting, educational and entertaining."
     I do find him entertaining -- a sort of comic relief.

UPDATE: Here is where he complained of stalkers. His comments on this thread are also quite amusing as he spends more time thinking up insults for people than doing anything else.

FURTHER UPDATE: He seems to think that he can get my goat by manufacturing comments pretending to be from someone else that make the same insults that he uses under his own name. Hey, why not go whole hog, Stormbringer? Since you can use OpenID to forge comments and pretend they came from anyone, why not pretend it's Richard Dawkins who is belittling me and agreeing with every word you say? After all, the fellow whose name you're forging on your comments has probably never even seen your blog.
     Hmmm... It didn't take him long to remove his conversation with himself after I posted that update. And here I had the popcorn ready for his next con job. I guess I'll have to settle for "comments? What comments?"

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