Friday, September 24, 2010

Another funny post

     Here is another funny post, courtesy of Stormbringer. I wonder if he is genuine. If his posts deliberately produce the humor I see, he could write for the major networks.
     "I'm not saying the rest of this series wasn't the truth."
     He doesn't have to. His readers will say it isn't the truth.
     "Let me take a moment (heh, like you can stop me) and say that this Weblog is intended for entertainment as well as information, and most of my readers are bright enough to know when I'm using some window dressing to 'punch it up'."
     Hey, I find it entertaining. I don't see any useful information; but it's good for giggles.
     "Although there is no 'crew' (duh!), there are real people that I've assigned to it, and they have fun being a member of a made-up little group."
     You will get to see such names as William Rehnquist, Carl Sagan, Newt Gingrich, Richard Dawkins, and Margaret Thatcher (real people all.) And that's all you will see from them -- their names. All actual content is supplied by Stormbringer and no one else. (Actually, I don't know what names he has assigned to his crew. But any real people associated with those names are likely unaware of his use thereof.)
     "...[A]nd I want to do what I can to help bring them to seek a saving, personal relationship with Christ."
     He misspelled "salving." Ehh, could happen to anyone. I've had typos myself.
     "There are people who think that people like me are the problem, and (not naming names, I don't want to give certain people the traffic) they are so consumed by hate and anti-[c]hristian ideology that their thinking processes are short-circuited."
     As I recall, one of the signs that you are in a cult is that your information is filtered. Is Stormbringer really that scared of the thought of his readers hearing what his detractors have to say? It would explain why he pre-screens comments. There might be something thought-provoking before he gets a chance to delete it. Now, I admit that I have standards by which I will delete comments. But I'm not worried if someone happens to see them before I get to them. And if my readers check the (rather few) comments I actually get, they will find that agreeing with every word I say is not one of my requirements for keeping a comment.
     "One in particular hates all [c]hristians so much, he imagines them around every corner. His profane diatribes and intellectual castration keep his nonsense in the 'mostly ignored' category, fortunately. But he still tries, sometimes writing several articles a day."
     Aww, I'm jealous. Someone else has gotten the clown's attention? I want to see what this person has written that has Stormbringer pulling down the shades.
     "I have been personally attacked in forums, the subject of Weblog articles, attacked in comments &c. This shows that I am getting the attention of some people, and it means that I am poking some consciences (2 Timothy 3.12-13, but I have to avoid inviting 'persecution' for being obnoxious)."
     I have seen some of what he calls "personal attacks." I have to say that he likes to imagine persecution. Even that is hardly unique. But he is right. He does get people's attention. He's not as good as Hudson and Landry; but he is funny.
     "Some people have tried to silence me."
     I find that hard to believe. Having Stormbringer's words in the open is very useful for showing what fundamentalism is really like. I laugh at him. I wouldn't want to silence him.


     "But don't be surprised if you get out of line and I call you on it; there are whiners that bemoan my 'attitude' when I give back what they started (especially liars and people who think that they are smarter than they really are). If you can't stand a response, don't start something, capice? Don't swim in the big people area, go back to the wading pool."
     He had to run away from Dan's blog because people could post without going through the Stormbringer filter. It is only when he can exert total control over what people can see that he is able to create an impression that he isn't whining. I love the irony when he says "liars and people who think that they are smarter than they really are." I wonder if he'll ever realize that he's describing himself. And he, himself, cannot stand a response. That's why he went back to his own blog where he can pre=screen all comments. But he did take his own advice in one respect. He has definitely gone back to the wading pool.

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