Monday, August 08, 2011

What can I say? He's funny.

     Well, Norman is being entertaining again. It would be nice if he could be rational or reasonable. But I suppose we have to take what we can get.
     "It's absurd enough to insult me for using [dishonest sources], but [outsiders] have only emotionally-based insults instead of reasons for disparaging the sources."
     I've pointed out before that Norman's sources continue to make the false claim that Obama was not born in this country despite there being no evidence to that effect and despite the birth certificate which has been presented multiple times that shows that he was born in Hawaii. And this is what his preferred sources continue to post on the main page. However, I seriously doubt that anyone has bothered to insult Norman, himself, on the matter. They have only pointed out that his sources cannot be trusted.
     "The implication is that christian and conservative sources are lying."
     Well, yes, I would say that anyone who continues to claim that Obama was not born in this country (you can think what you will of his policies) is lying. His birth status has been established.
     "In addition the brush-off claim that the sources are lying [even when the lies are exposed outright] is astonishingly stupid."
     You know, for someone who objects to insults, he sure does throw them around a lot.
     "Atheist associations (?) would like nothing better than to shut down 'news organizations' that promote a christian worldview."
     He forgot the quotation marks around "news organizations." I have fixed that here. At any rate, he is correct that there are many people that would like to shut down the christian sites that publish lies and call them "news." There are also many people that would like to shut down the tabloids like "National Enquirer." And it's for basicly the same reason. These sources publish lies. But, let's face it, a lawsuit would only give these liars greater notoriety. And, of course, the christian sources would use the claim of "persecution for their beliefs" as part of a massive fundraising drive.
     "If the sources were lying, lawsuits would be flying left and right, and these agencies would be out of business."
     I believe I've already covered that.
     "Even though we have higher standards than [leftist] rags like the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and the lamestream networks,.... How dumb can you get? How low can you get,...?"
     And, of course, we see more insults. I seem to recall him saying something earlier about only having emotionally-based insults. It would seem that his claim applies more to himself than anyone else.
     "Disparaging sources, especially without even looking at them, is cowardly."
     And yet, that is exactly what he does with the mainstream media.
     "Saying that they cannot be trusted is slander."
     No, true statements are not slander.

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