Saturday, August 13, 2011

Norman is on his "evolution is racist" kick again.

     And he is so confident that he has the answer to any challenges that... he has turned comments off. What's the matter? Are you afraid that truth might take hold in your mind even though you don't let anyone else see it? Yes, yes, I know. He announced beforehand that he was going to be turning off comments. However, I think he was planning the post in question at the time and he wanted a deflection. He also said that he wasn't going to be posting very often because he had other priorities. And we can see how that turned out.
     Of course, he is also dishonest about the way he supports his claim. Darwin predicted that, over the span of centuries, the more technologically advanced people would wipe out less advanced groups. It's not really an earth-shattering prediction given the tendency of people to try to eliminate the competition. Look at all the people who celebrated the cold-blooded murder of BinLaden. They knew he was nothing but a cheerleader. But he represented the competition. There is no evidence that Darwin was advocating this state of affairs. But Norman pretends this is exactly what he was doing.

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