Sunday, August 14, 2011

Norman brags about Slick's dishonesty.

     Norman is bragging about the dishonest tactics of Matt Slick again. He puts it as "arrogant atheists calling in." Of course, previously he talked about "cowardly atheists afraid to call in." Basicly, he can name-call you coming or going.
     In the particular case in question, according to Norman, and atheist caller reasonably called in to point out that there are contradictions in the bible. Everybody have in their head what constitutes a contradiction? I thought so. But Slick, true to his name, could not permit a critic to identify any of the contradictions. His faithful listeners might agree that those were contradictions. It all depends on how fully immunized to criticism of the bible they are. So he used a blocking tactic. He pretended not to know what a contradiction was and asked the caller to define the term. As one can expect, people get frustrated when dealing with the deliberate obtuseness of your typical call-in show host. If you are making a point they don't like, they will not find any definition satisfactory, they will pretend to be confused about what you are trying to present as evidence, they will disconnect you. In short, they will use every trick at their disposal to ensure that your argument is not heard. Now, I don't want you to think that the behavior I described is restricted to christians. This seems to be true of any call-in program. I've heard enough of them. Oh, yes, after they cut you off, they suddenly become coherent and make their point about what you were saying without you able to present your position.
     "If someone wants to debatec challenge, discuss, inquire, or whatever else, go for it. Matt will twist your words, prevent you from speaking and otherwise create illusions to ridicule you."
     Yes, Norman, you have made quite clear the type of person that Slick is. Incidentally, I had to transcribe the above by hand. Your blog prevents direct copying. It is, therefore, possible that some typographical errors may have been introduced. If you wish to prevent transcription errors, allow the tried-and-true copy-paste methods to work.


Paul Baird said...

load the page, disable javascript. copy, paste as usual, re-enable javascript.

Alex B said...

I grab the html source, paste it into my blog, then trim out the crap.

But it's interesting that Bob 'Stormbringer' Sorensen is SO paranoid that he even tries to prevent copy/pasting.